Comenity Bank 4 EZ Credit Approvals

For anyone looking to rebuild their credit, the first consideration is to apply for credit without getting too many inquiries on your credit report which can count against your already low credit score. The best way to do this is to only apply if you feel you have a better than average chance of approval.

After doing a bit of Internet research I found that Comenity Bank will give just about anyone a chance to rebuild their credit worthiness. Just to give you an idea of what I mean, I applied for and was approved for 4 of their credit cards within 4 days time!

So to anyone looking to get their credit back on track, I highly recommend that you do a Google search for Comenity Bank credit cards and choose from their many card offerings. If you get approved for the first card don't hesitate to apply for a couple more right away. It's best to apply for the cards over the weekend for the best success.

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Cam I Am

Let me tell you about a payday loan employee that I know who wears a name tag identifying himself as "Cam I Am". This guy works slower than the slowest mammal on the face of the Earth.

Whenever I visit this establishment, the result is always the same. I walk upon a rather large, lazy, close to middle aged man who sits on his "throne" behind a bulletproof enclosure acting as if he is personally doing "ME" a favor. He literally reminds me of the "Soup Nazi" from the Seinfeld series.

Yeah, I get that I am there looking for financial assistance but the last thing I need is to feel as if I am some sort of degenerate looking for a hand out. This guy is oblivious to the long line behind me and just continues on at a snails pace as if the people in line have all damn day to wait on him.

This guy is the equivalent of the village idiot. He has no clue whatsoever. I know he's lazy because there are other employees there that process transactions three times as fast as he does. He is a liability to the company.

People feel bad enough having to actually go there every payday and the last thing a person needs is to walk into this place and be treated like less than a human being. No smile. No hello. No have a nice day. Not a damn thing but negativity from this guy.

If you should ever have the pleasure of dealing with Mr. "Cam I Am" or anyone like him, I encourage you to end business with that company as soon as humanly possible. You deserve to be treated so much better.

Oh, and to "Cam I Am" if you hate your job so damn much then do us all a favor and just quit so that we don't have to deal with your slow moving, bad attitude, lazy ass bullshit. Some of us have places to go and people to meet. Way to go, ACE!

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Pre Approved Visa: Merrick Bank

The other day I received a pre-approved credit card offer from Merrick Bank that promised to double my initial credit limit of $600 to $1200 provided that I hold up my end of the bargain and make at least the minimum payment due for 7 months straight.

It sounded like a great deal and I was ready to jump all over it, even at an APR of 24.99 percent. That is until I read the small print that said I would be charged a $72 annual fee for as long as I owned the card. I would be billed $6 per month for the entire year.

This means that even if I carry a zero balance, I would still be forced to make a $6 payment each month. $6 may not seem like a lot but if you should ever be late making that $6 payment, you'd be charged an outrageous $35 late fee. So, your $6 payment turns into a $41 payment in the blink of an eye. No thank you!

My guess is that once they see that I didn't respond to the initial offer, they'll up the ante with a sweeter counter offer minus the monthly fee and most likely at a lower interest rate. If not, oh well... I have plenty of new credit cards as of late and I'll be just fine.

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You Know It's a SCAM When...

I get hundreds of questions every month from people saying they received a call from some random debt collector stating that they needed to hear from "either you or your attorney" by a certain deadline or else they'd commence with legal proceedings against them. If you ever get that call then you can safely assume that it is just a scam.

How do I know it's a scam? It's simple. The last person a debt collector wants snooping around in their shady business is an attorney! It's because 9 times out of 10 the debt collector is using illegal collection tactics to shake people down of their money.

The ONLY reason why they'd tell you to have your attorney or legal representative call them back is because when the word "attorney" is mentioned in a live conversation or voicemail it makes the matter sound serious. If you actually did have an attorney call them back they'd freaking crap their pants!!!

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The Payday Loan Honor System

Let's face it. Payday loans are based almost completely on the honor system. Their entire business model relies upon the assumption that the borrower will be honorable enough and or disciplined enough to pay back the loan month after month after month.

It sounds crazy when you actually think about it but in reality, the majority of people have every intention of paying back the loan. Borrowers generally repay loans for the first three to six months until things inevitably get out of hand and they start looking for a way out.

Something always comes up...This leads to late payments, a missed payment or two and finally a flat out default and refusal to pay. I know because I've been there way too many times. Most people don't take out a loan with the sole intention of defaulting on it. The majority of us are just not wired that way...but "shit happens".

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When The Devil Calls Your Job ll

So I'm sitting at work today and I get a call from a woman with a stern authoritative voice asking to speak to an unknown coworker. Upon further questioning she reveals that she's calling from Credit Management. Immediately, my spider senses start tingling and I knew right away that she had to be a bill collector calling to harass one of my coworkers.

Having been in this situation before, all I wanted to do was "cover his 6". In laymen's terms, I wanted to protect my coworkers backside from the enemy. After all, if a bill collector called my job looking for me I would want someone to cover my 6 too! I didn't even know the wanted guy but I refused to divulge any information about him.

The bill collector asked if I knew him and I told her that I didn't. She then asked if we had a company directory and I stalled by telling her that I was looking through it but I really wasn't. Caught off guard, I put the caller on hold and asked my supervisor what to do and she advised me to tell the caller that we don't accept bill collector calls...I love my job!!!

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Why Don't You Just Pay Them?

I remember when bill collectors used to call my parents home all the time and my father used to ask my mother "Why doesn't he just pay them?" Well, it sounded easy enough because I certainly had the means, but what my parents couldn't wrap their heads around was why I didn't?

Well, it's not about having the ability to pay as much as it's about the statute of limitations. What I mean by this is that if a debt is close to falling off your credit report organically, as well as being past the point of being legitimately sued for the debt, then it makes no logical sense for me to pay it back.

Sure, there's the moral aspect of the fact that I did borrow the money and therefore I should pay it but the reality is that over time, things change and sometimes it's simply not in my best interest to pay back the debt. Sometimes it's just better to let the bad debt fall off your credit report naturally once seven years has passed and no one's the wiser!

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