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My true identity is not important. To bill collectors I am simply known as "The Ghost."
Bill collectors hate me because I am invisible, unshakable, unflappable and untouchable. I started this blog after years of harassment from bill collectors who were relentless in their pursuit of money by any means necessary. The more threatening and disrespectful they were towards me, the more defiant I became... but I NEVER let them bully me into making a payment.

After years of dodging debt, I ultimately found myself being sued for a large furniture bill that I never paid. I had good reason for not paying but that's another story. The moment I opened the summons I knew right away that I was going to fight it. Everyone I knew told me that I wouldn't win...but I did. The case was "DISMISSED" less than 30 days after I answered the summons. Total court cost to file my answer: $225. Not having to pay those fools... PRICELE$$!

Today, I am proud to say that I have worked very hard to become more responsible. Through my hard work and dedication, I have managed to improve my credit over the years and have vowed to never be late on another payment. I created this blog because I wanted to share what I've learned from dealing with annoying bill collectors. Hey, nobody's perfect and I don't pretend to be. All I can do now is move forward.

Lesson #1: YOU CANNOT GO TO JAIL FOR FAILURE TO PAY BACK A PAYDAY LOAN!!! PERIOD...END OF DISCUSSION. Furthermore, you can sue the bill collector for telling you that!!!

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