The #1 Myth about Payday Loans

I can't tell you how many times I've read about people worrying until it made them sick because a bill collector left a message stating that if they didn't call back by 5pm today that the sheriff would be at their home or place of employment to arrest them and take them to jail for "check and wire" fraud because they didn't payback their payday loans!!!

Heck, I get that same call two or three times a week! The debt collector always tells me to expect a courier at my home between 3-5pm and if I'm not available they will be forced to have my supervisor or HR Dept sign for the summons! REALLY?? Give me a break!!! I sent him a text back and said "See you tomorrow." Needless to say, no one ever showed up. I did give him 2 extra points for shuffling papers in the background as he searched for the couriers' state license number. Nice touch, buddy!

Listen, it doesn't matter if you got the loan in the store or online. I've done plenty of both. Folks...You cannot go to jail for failing to pay back a payday loan. It is not fraud...It is not against the law. PERIOD. If you don't believe me you can call up your local police dept and ask them but they probably have better things to do. Trust me folks...I've had more payday loans than you can shake a stick at and I have never been arrested nor served a summons to appear in court over a payday loan. It's a bluff and that's all it is. Repeat after me: There is NO Debtor's Jail!

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