Credit Karma - Free Credit Monitoring

Credit Karma offers one of the few truly free credit monitoring services in America. Their services are limited to free credit scores and monitoring from TransUnion only. If you want information from your Equifax and Experian reports, you'll have to order triple credit bureau monitoring from another company.

My personal experience with Credit Karma has been mostly positive. They notify me instantly of both positive and negative changes to my credit scores. The site offers great tips and suggestions on things you can do to improve your credit status. They utilize a "credit report card" with grades ranging from "A" through "F" covering categories of Open Credit Utilization, Payments Made On-Time, Avg. Age of Open Credit Lines, Total Accounts, Hard Credit Inquiries and Derogatory Marks. This credit checklist lets you know at a glance what areas of your credit profile needs improvement.

I found the information at Credit Karma to be very useful. The only negatives would be that they provide credit data for only one of the three major credit bureaus. The other issue is that the site is very cluttered and a bit too busy for my liking, but hey, it's free and the more you use the site the easier it is to block out the unnecessary clutter and go right to the data that's most important to you. For a free site and the amount of useful information that's available to you, I'd give Credit Karma an overall grade of "B" and that's saying something!

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