The Credit People: Voted #1 For Affordable Credit Repair!

We’ve all heard stories from the media and businesses with an agenda that would like nothing more than to convince you that credit repair companies are a waste of time and money and do not work.  

They’ll tell you that credit repair is something that you can easily do yourself without spending tons of money hiring someone else to do it for you. You hear it so much from the media, credit bureaus and the like, that you become brainwashed into believing it just by sheer repetition. Now I'm going to tell you the truth.

Credit repair companies "DO" work!

The Credit People deleted 50% of the derogatory items from my Equifax credit report within the first 6 months. Items started falling off within the first 45 days. My TransUnion and Experian credit reports were also improved but not to the extent of my Equifax report. This is not a bad thing once you realize that each credit bureau is addressed separately and have their own criteria as to what they remove and when.  

The Credit People are so sure that they can help clean up your credit that they offer a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee if you do not see considerable improvement within the first 6 months of using their services! I promise you that you won’t find a better deal. 

Lastly, the link in this paragraph is an affiliate link, meaning that I get paid a referral fee for each new sign up. I do not charge for the information that I provide here but the money I make from referrals lets me know that my readers are appreciative of the hard work that I put into my weekly blog posts. If you decide to call "The Credit People" rather than signing up directly through the affiliate link in this paragraph, please supply them with this Affiliate ID: 12764. Thank you for your continued support!

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