Collections Most Wanted

Picture this: A group of collection agents sitting in a boardroom dressed in business casual attire staring up at the collections manager standing next to a huge whiteboard. With dry erase marker in hand, he goes over a list of “Collections Most Wanted”. It’s like "draft day" for bill collectors.

Every collection agency has a list of “Untouchables”. An elite group of America's most notorious debtors. They're next to impossible to engage with, let alone convince them to pay!

These are not your ordinary debtors. They are trained professionals. Self-taught from years of experience in the art of "Debt Dodging": (A form of collection counter intelligence).

Anything a collection agent throws at them, they have an answer for. Ordinary collection tactics have no affect on them because they are immune to fear and intimidation.

Threats of lawsuits go mostly ignored. They’ve seen it all. Most have been sued at least once, so a summons means absolutely nothing to them. They’ve trained their whole lives for this.

Private numbers, robocallers, spoofing… you name it, they have a counter attack already in place. They’ve spent most their lives learning how to stay “off the grid” and remain invisible.

They are “Collections Most Wanted”. Ghosts, if you will. Are they on your list?

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