Who the Hell Keeps Calling Me?

When my phone rings I already know it’s some payday loan company looking for money. When I initially got the loans, I had every intention of paying them back but when things got tight I was forced to make sacrifices and the loans were the first to go… and that’s when the calls started.

In the beginning, I used to answer the phone just to tell them that I wasn’t going to pay and to stop calling me. I have to admit that I used to get great satisfaction in harassing them into hanging up on me before they got a chance to dig into me about the debt. I made a game out of it.

Then it hit me. Why not ignore the calls altogether and just go about my business? The plan sounded simple enough so that’s what I started doing and before I knew it, the calls slowed down to the point where my phone barely even rang.

You see, every time you talk to them you’re just confirming that you’re still breathing and your contact information is correct. When you don’t respond, they don't know what to think. I like to keep them guessing but every now and then I get curious and want to know who the hell keeps calling me. That’s why I created my newest blog called: Bill Collectors Call Me!!!

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