Nordstrom Credit

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping at Nordstroms Rack because I was in need of a few things that only "The Rack" can deliver within my price range. Namely, shoes, shirts, and underwear.

On this day I went in looking specifically for all black Calvin Klein underwear but ended up finding a pair of nice brown leather boots as well. I saw them, they saw me and I was done. I knew I had to have them!

As I approached the checkout line I thought to myself that maybe I should apply for a Nordstrom credit card knowing full well that 9 times out of 10 I'd be denied but I figured that all they could do was tell me no, so I applied.

After about a 30 minute application process due to the new guy at the register, I held my breath for a few minutes longer and to my surprise, I was approved for a $500 credit limit! I later found out that Nordstrom cards were issued by TD Bank which also issues the Target retail card and Target Visa.

My purchases came up to $80 and some change and I paid it off in full before I ever got the first bill. I did this because during my research I found out that Nordstrom is very good about converting their retail store card into a Nordstrom's Visa within 6 months of on time payments but only time will tell.

Oh, and as a final thought, when my Nordstroms card arrived in the mail it included a letter which stated that my Experian credit score at the time of approval was only 620. Hopefully, you can use this valuable information to your advantage if you are considering applying for the Nordstrom credit card.

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Paypal Credit

While browsing online shopping for razors at "the" most affordable quality replacement razor blade site in America called Dorco USA, I made my selection and went to purchase fully expecting to pay with my debit card when I noticed that they accepted Paypal Credit.

For those who are not familiar with Paypal Credit, it was formerly called "Bill Me Later" which would allow you to purchase a product online today and not have to pay for it until up to 6 months later with zero interest just as long as you spent at least $99 on the purchase.

Now, mind you...I'd applied for Bill Me Later on several occasions while being denied each and every time but I figured since my credit had improved somewhat over the last couple of years I thought to myself, what did I have to lose?

Well, to my surprise I was instantly approved for a $250 line of credit and although this line of credit is not earth shattering, it is still $250 more than I expected which is always a win-win!

So in short, if you are looking to make a purchase via Paypal or at any one of the many online stores that accept Paypal at checkout, then I highly recommend Paypal Credit as I feel that the approval rate is good even with a poor credit score hovering around 600.

And lastly, to my loyal follower Blake...I'm Back!

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