Best Cashback Rewards Cards

I research credit virtually non stop so I am well equipped to answer this question. Without a doubt, the two best cash back cards that you can own and “should” qualify for with about a 650 FICO credit score would be the Discover IT Cash and the Citibank Double Cash rewards cards.

I have them both and my credit score was right about the same or maybe even a little less when I applied. Discover will pay you 5% cash back throughout the year based on quarterly categories. Each quarter, a new category earns a 5% cashback.

The Citibank Double Cash rewards card offers 2% cashback on any and all purchases with no need to be concerned about what quarter or savings category you are currently in. 2% is creatively divided. You earn 1% on the purchase and the other 1% on the payment.

As of this writing, the two cards combined quite literally offer the best one-two punch when it comes to maximizing cashback rewards and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with them. Possessing one of them is good but owning both of them is better. I encourage you to apply.

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Looking For Credit In All The Wrong Places

I am one of those people who obsesses over credit. The reason is that I have struggled with credit in the past and also because I have an obsessive type personality. Once I set my mind on something I cannot let it go until I have reached the goal.

In this case, my goal is to reach above 700 credit scores on all three of the major credit bureaus and I will not stop until this dream has become a reality. At this point, I no longer have a choice. I have already done it in my mind, now I have to do it in real life.

For years, I struggled with horrible credit but still managed to get approved for credit cards time and time again. You see, getting credit is not hard. The reason why people with poor credit fail at it is mostly that they’re looking for credit in all the wrong places.

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Are There Some People Who Don't Care About Credit?

There certainly are and I used to be one of them. Believe it or not, the primary reason why I started to care about my credit and repair it is that someone told me that I couldn’t. Yep. It just came down to a simple case of I’m going to do it just because you said I can’t situation.

Nothing motivates me more than a person telling me what I can and cannot do, just because they think they know everything and are superior to everyone else just because they happen to have good credit or whatever the case may be.

A friend of mine told me that I would never have a better credit score than him and then he made the mistake of telling me what his credit score was and it was pretty much on, after that.

I told him that I would have a 700 credit score in six months' time and he was willing to bet me 1K that I wouldn't have a 700 score in a full year. I refused to take the bet because I knew I’d do it and it would just ruin the friendship because this guy hates to lose and hates being wrong even more.

Well, not only did I improve my credit score from the low 400’s to the low 700’s on one of my credit reports, but I did it in under six months. When I showed my friend a screenshot of my accomplishment and reminded him that I could have taken his money but didn’t, he, as predicted, stopped speaking to me and it ruined our friendship. I should have just taken his money.

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How Do You Dispute Items On Credit Reports?

I am amazed that so many people are still asking this question but I guess you don’t know what you don’t know, as the saying goes. First, you’ll need to create a free account with Credit Karma as well as Experian.

Now you will go into each account and dispute every negative item whether it belongs to you or not. Your reason will either be “I have no knowledge of this account” or “I have never been late”. The reason you choose depends on your current situation. The older the item is, the easier it will be to have removed.

You have a greater than 70% chance that the disputed item will be removed on the first try. If not, wait 90 days and dispute again and repeat if necessary but generally by the third dispute the item is deleted or shows as never late.

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