Fill your gas tank for $1

How many times have you been low on gas and low on cash with payday a week away? You need gas to get to work but you still have to eat...What do you do? What if I told you that you could fill up with a full tank of gas and it would only cost you $1 upfront? Would you be interested in this little known secret? Of course, you would!

Let's say your gas tank is on fumes and you have $25 to your name on your debit card with a week to go until payday. You still need cash for the week but you don't want to borrow money from a friend or family member because you like to stay independent. Here's what you do. Draw $20 out of the ATM for lunch or whatever. Next, you go to a gas station with just a couple bucks available on your debit card after any fees associated with the $20 withdrawal.

Now you simply swipe your debit card at the pump but choose "CREDIT" instead of debit, and you can now fill your gas tank with as little as $1 available on your debit card. Now, obviously, you're going to have to pay for this gas on your next direct deposit along with an overdraft fee from your bank so make sure you're on empty when you do this and be sure to max pump since you will be charged the full overdraft fee whether you get a half a tank or fill it up.

I won't get into the dynamics of why this works...I'm just telling you that it does. When it's all said and done you get a full tank of gas for as little as $1 upfront and the only downside is that you'll have to pay your bank's overdraft fee. It's basically a fancy cash advance.

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100% Free Credit Scores

If you did a Google search for free credit scores, your search would net a ton of results. Sure, the offers may sound great but just be aware that "some" of them will ask for your credit card information. The reports are free, but in order to get them, you're required to sign up for monthly credit monitoring!

They'll tell you that it's just a trial and as long as you cancel before the trial ends, your credit card will not be charged. What they're banking on is that you won't remember to cancel the trial...and most people don't. It could take months before you even notice that you're being charged.

My advice is to compare offers and read the fine print the next time you are looking for free annual credit reports and if the condition is that you sign up for a trial, just remember to cancel in advance so that you don't get charged!

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Thank you, is a free reverse number lookup database that's used for identifying unknown bill collectors that call and harass at all hours of the day and night. Simply input the phone number into the search box and click on "search" and the database will reveal the caller about 90% of the time.

Alternately, you can just "Google" the unidentified number and look for in the search results. You can now read what other people of the community have to say about their call experiences with hundreds of bill collectors from around the globe.

You can use this valuable information to assist you in maneuvering through the myriad of phone calls from harassing bill collectors. I have used several times and they've proven themselves to be a valuable resource for identifying unknown callers. Give them a try!

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Top Credit Repair Myths

Although this blog was created to assist people with bill collector harassment, ideally the main goal is to stop harassment AND repair your credit at the same time. First I'd like to address a couple of credit repair myths. Credit bureaus will tell you that credit repair companies are a waste of money and can't do anything that you can't do yourself. That's the first lie. They will also tell you that only inaccurate information can be disputed and removed from a credit report. That's the second lie.

Let's start with lie #1: It's true that you can dispute "some" credit report information yourself and may even be successful if there are only one or two items that need to be removed; however, if there are multiple items as in 10 or more like the majority of people with bad credit, then trust me, you're going to need help. Another way of looking at it is that you can wash your own car but most would rather pay someone else to do it and get all the extras like vacuuming, air freshener, and tire dressing. It's just a better use of your time.

Now let's address lie #2: Despite what you may have heard...accurate information can be disputed and removed from credit reports. I've done it myself, but like I said, your time would be better spent letting a professional handle your credit repair needs. I highly recommend "The Credit People." You can read my full review at The Credit People: Voted #1 For Affordable Credit Repair.

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The #1 Myth about Payday Loans

I can't tell you how many times I've read about people worrying until it made them sick because a bill collector left a message stating that if they didn't call back by 5pm today that the sheriff would be at their home or place of employment to arrest them and take them to jail for "check and wire" fraud because they didn't pay back their payday loans!!!

Heck, I get that same call two or three times a week! The debt collector always tells me to expect a courier at my home between 3-5pm and if I'm not available they'll be forced to have my supervisor or HR Dept sign for the summons! REALLY?? Give me a break!!! I sent him a text back and said: "See you tomorrow." Needless to say, no one showed up. I gave him extra points for shuffling papers in the background as he searched for the couriers' license number. Nice touch, buddy!

Listen, it doesn't matter if you got the loan in the store or online. I've done plenty of both. Folks...You cannot go to jail for failing to pay back a payday loan. It is not fraud, and it's not a crime. PERIOD. If you don't believe me, call up your local police dept and ask them. Trust me folks...I've had more payday loans than you can shake a stick at and I have never been arrested nor served a summons to appear in court over an unpaid loan. It's a bluff and that's all it is. Repeat after me: There is NO Debtor's Jail!

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Welcome to Bill Collectors Hate Me !!!

After going through a period of very hard times, matters got even worse when I found myself on the other end of a lawsuit. A furniture company was suing me for a bill that I stopped making payments on due to obvious shoddy workmanship of the item. The moment I opened the summons I knew right away that I was going to fight.

Everyone said that I couldn't win. They told me that I could never defeat someone that attended years of law school. Those people were wrong. The case was "DISMISSED" less than 30 days after answering the summons. Total court cost to file my answer: $225. Not having to pay for furniture that was literally falling apart just months after purchasing it...PRICELE$$!

Fast forward to today, and I am happy to report that my credit has improved. More importantly, I have vowed to never be late on another payment and so far I have been able to stick with it.

I created this blog because I wanted to share what I've learned from dealing with annoying bill collectors. Hey, nobody's perfect and I don't pretend to be. All I can do now is move forward.

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