Do Whatcha Gotta Do!

Sometimes in life, we're forced to do things that we either don't like to do or simply just don't want to do for whatever reason. I currently find myself in one of those situations.

After thinking about it long and hard, I came to the realization that from a financial standpoint it would be best for me to temporarily move in with a family member in the hopes of getting my finances in order.

By my estimation, I should be debt free in 12 months or less. Sure, I had to make a few changes in the way that I'm used to living due to living with someone else but from a financial standpoint, it will be well worth it!

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Put It On Paper

Sometimes when finances start spinning out of control at a rapid rate we find ourselves forced to make serious changes in how we go about our daily business.  In my case, the first step was creating an Excel spreadsheet listing all of my monthly expenses with balances owed.

You may think you have a grasp of how much money you owe but I assure you that you have no idea until you put it down on paper. The debt list that I'd created in my mind, suddenly ballooned into several other debts that I had completely forgotten about until I created the spreadsheet.

After I got over the initial shock I found myself face to face with a debt that launched me into a reality that I wasn't quite ready to face. A change was in order and it had to happen right now. Not next week or next month but right this damn minute!

The plan is to pay off the small debts first and then work my way up to the larger bills until my balance is zero. On the surface, this sounds like a daunting task but if I am disciplined in my principles and approach, I can be debt free in about a year's time.

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