Should you carry credit card balances?

Over the years I have found that several people have different opinions on this subject and I can certainly see both sides of the coin. After reading this article I'm sure you'll agree with my final analysis and see yourself in one of the two categories. So let's begin.

People with a habit of being a bit "frugal", tend to use their credit cards for the purpose of credit building and cash back rewards. These people choose to pay their credit cards off in full each month. They believe in making their credit cards work for them.

Others like myself, don't mind carrying a balance and paying on them each month. I just make sure to pay a few dollars more than the minimum amount due on each card in an effort to decrease the balance as much as I can, as soon as I can.

People who choose to pay their bills off every month have generally been doing so from day one, so their balances never have a chance to balloon out of control. These people usually have "excellent" credit scores.

In contrast, people who carry monthly card balances are accustomed to doing so from day one, so they repeat this habit again and again because that's what they've always done. These people usually struggle to reach or keep even a "good" credit score.

When comparing myself to others, all of my conservative friends have excellent credit scores while all my non-conservative friends do not. What this tells me is that our state of finances usually mimics our personalities.

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Does Credit Karma Increase Your Credit Score?

Credit Karma does not increase your credit score directly, but it can assist you in navigating your finances in such a way that you can increase your credit score over time.

By using Credit Karma you will be able to view your credit score to get a good idea of where you stand. They will also offer you tips and suggestions on things you can do to improve your credit.

Keep in mind that the scores that Credit Karma provides are not FICO scores. Their scores are based on the Vantage credit scoring system which is not used by the majority of lenders. The FICO score is the lenders scoring system of choice.

With that said, your Vantage score is usually within the range of your FICO score and in some cases, your FICO might actually be higher. Due to the subtle variables between the two, it's hard to say with 100% certainty either way, so just keep that in mind when viewing scores on Credit Karma.

Please post a comment below and share your experience with Credit Karma!

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Gettington: Credit As Easy As 1-2-3

I want to tell you about a great little company that specializes in easy credit approvals and offers a variety of products from small appliances, to clothing, to furniture and electronics. You can find all these things and more at Gettington Credit.

I happened upon them by accident while visiting Credit Karma who indicated that I had a great chance of approval so I went ahead and applied. Somewhat surprised, I was instantly approved for a $400 credit limit. It's not much, but I'll take it.

I've had the account for about 3 weeks and have ordered a couple of small items that I've always wanted to purchase but just never thought about when I had spare cash to spend. Both items were delivered quickly and with no issues whatsoever.

An added bonus about Gettington is that they report to all three major credit bureaus which are always a welcomed bonus, but a word of caution...they will email blast you to death until you opt out of receiving them.

Oh and one more thing. Their prices are slightly higher than what you would expect to pay for items at a retail store but that's to be expected since they are basically handing out credit to just about anyone who's willing to ask for it. Please post a comment below and share your experience with Gettington!

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Clicky Web Analytics: A Review

I am somewhat new to “Clicky” but so far I am very impressed with this lightweight but powerful website analytics app. Clicky is one of the more popular analytics apps available and in my opinion, outshines most of the competition. I find it to be a viable alternative to Google Analytics.

Clicky Web Analytics does similar things as Google Analytics, but does them with a much cleaner, more streamlined look and feel. You won’t find multilayered data stacked on top of data that is hard to navigate and keep track of where you are and then struggle to remember how to get back to where you've been.

Google Analytics is like a maze within a maze. I find it to be much too bloated for the average person to navigate easily without getting frustrated and repeatedly getting lost. It's still a quality product but I think the learning curve will be a bit steep for most users to reap the full benefits of its offerings.

Not so, with Clicky. Within a day or so, you’ll find yourself zooming through stats like a pro. The data is laid out clearly and simply, making navigation to all your vital web statistics a breeze.
Clicky comes in both free and paid versions. All signups begin with a free trial of the paid version that lasts for 21 days. After your trial ends, your plan automatically converts to the free version.

Although the paid version has a lot more bells and whistles, for my simple day to day needs, I don’t consider them to be worth paying extra for, but perhaps you will. Give it a spin and try it out for yourself. Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.

UPDATE 5/1/19: I have recently upgraded to the paid pro version and I love it!

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