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Affirm: Installment Loans Without the Red Tape!

Let me tell you about a little known company called Affirm. I first discovered Affirm while shopping at Wayfair online for a large TV stand for the new 55" flat screen that I ordered from Walmart online just a day or two prior.

During checkout, I was given the standard payment options plus a new one that I'd never seen before called Affirm. After doing a little research, I discovered that Affirm is a newer payment alternative that allows you to make purchases ranging from clothes to furniture and airline tickets without the use of a credit card.

Affirm offers easy payment plans of either 3, 6, or 12 months, with interest rates ranging from 10-30% depending on your level of credit. A minimum credit score of about 540 is usually enough to get you approved for at least a couple hundred dollars to get you started.

Currently, the company only reports to Experian and all transactions are listed as installment loans which will look great on your credit report if you're rebuilding and happen to be lacking other forms of installment loans.

In the end, I decided to choose Affirm at checkout to purchase my TV stand with a purchase price of $225.71. I decided upon the 3-month plan which consisted of three equal payments of $79.02 including interest of $11.35, bringing my total purchase price to $237.06 out the door. I received my TV and stand on the same day and all was right in the world again!

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Is Filing Bankruptcy Really That Bad?

Despite the doom and gloom surrounding it, bankruptcy is not as uncommon as you might think. Due to its stigma, your best friend may have filed and you'd never even know it. Should you decide to go that route, bankruptcy could finally give you the fresh start you've been looking for.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you run out and file a BK, because if you're successful, it "WILL" set you back a bit. Bankruptcy is not as simple as just filing. You have to actually be approved by a judge in order to set the wheels in motion and have it finalized.

Although bankruptcy can stay on your credit reports up to 10 years, a reputable credit repair company can usually remove it sooner. Even if you do nothing, the bankruptcy only affects your credit buying power until it is discharged, which usually takes about 90-120 days.

Once you receive your discharge papers, you can buy a vehicle after 90 days or home after 2 years. In fact, you might find creditors eager to extend you credit because they know you can't file again for another 8 years. They're also counting on you to have learned your lesson, so it makes them feel better about taking a risk on you.

You'll soon find your mailbox stuffed with offers for credit cards almost daily. Before you get all excited, these will not be prime credit offers. They'll be the same high-interest rate offers you received before filing, but at least they'll give you a chance to start building up to something better.

In fact, a friend of mine had his bankruptcy recently discharged and was able to raise his credit score to just over 700 and he's less than two years post-discharge. With the right amount of focus and determination, I am confident that anyone else can do the same.

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Credit Rehab: Beyond The Ivory Tower

A lot of people have asked me why I apply for so much credit and the answer is simple. I apply for credit as a part of my research in order to find out what works and what doesn't. I then pass my findings on to my followers so that they can make an informed credit decision based on my results.

Of course, everyone's credit situation is different and there will always be outliers, but hopefully, my experiences will provide a baseline from which others can benefit. Much like the way in which my online research provides a baseline for me before I apply for credit.

Essentially, I am doing the research and absorbing all the credit inquiries and associated risks of being denied credit so that you don't have to. I will only recommend the credit opportunities that I feel will give you the very best opportunity of being approved.

My credit situation is far from perfect, but I've been successfully approved for well over 10 unsecured credit cards. I attribute this to putting in the necessary research required to improve my chances of credit approval and then I pass this information along to you.

I don't concern myself with the number of credit inquiries that I rack up because it's just part of the process...The price of doing business. I will go into much greater detail regarding credit inquiries in an upcoming article entitled: "Credit Inquiries are Overrated."

You see, I am no different from you. I am seeking credit improvement in the same way that you are. I am not one of those people that sits atop an ivory tower and preaches down to the lowly people below them who struggle with credit and are constantly judged because of it. I am not only one of you...I AM you!

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